Scalex Track 1/32 Class Standards

We race 1/32 Scale slot cars with plastic bodies and chassis, from manufacturers such as Carrera, Fly, Ninco, NSR, SCX, Scalextric, Sloter, Slot-It and others, in a wide variety of classes. The aim in creating the classes is to encourage open and fair competition for all members. The classes fall roughly into three types, Stock, Modified and Open:

Stock classes are pretty much ‘out of the box’, sometimes with different tyres allowed, with basic tuning - such as tyre 'glueing and truing', chassis loosening, and added weight permitted.

Modified classes also allow the replacement of plastic wheels, axles and gears with more sophisticated alternatives from after-market suppliers.

Open or unlimited classes still require plastic bodies, but alternative plastic chassis can be used, and there are very few restrictions on the choice of motors and other running gear

Our ‘Scalex’ track is for scale 1/32 racing. The landscaped 112-foot four-lane wooden track has a smooth matt sandtex finish, with non-magnetic braid laid flush with the surface. It’s design largely follows the layout of the club’s original Scalextric track (see the History page for more information).

Power for the 4-lane track comes through a 15volt 40amp max variable supply (running at the common 13.8v standard), and controlled through the latest version of the SlotMaster race management system. Controllers are connected through the usual 3-pin 2 amp plugs that are standard in UK slot racing clubs. Parma controllers are available at the club for visitors.

With its 17 corners, the 1/32 track is a complex and tricky circuit that takes a long time to master - and with the variety of cars and classes we run it continues to be a driving and tuning challenge for even the most experienced slot car racers. And club members ensure the racing is varied even more by switching the direction of racing with every other four-week race series, in effect creating two tracks with very different characteristics!

Scalex Track Records

The outright lap record on our Scalex track for ‘scale’ cars is 7.80 seconds, set by Adam Le Maistre in a Formula One race on 08 September 2017. You can find more information about the Scalex track records here.

Friday club night racing on the Scalex track at RSCC.

Rich Dumas of the Shoreline Model Raceways club in the US has just updated his clear and very helpful illustrated guide to tuning plastic-chassis cars for non-magnet racing. Our thanks to Rich for kindly allowing us to reproduce it - just click the link below.

Tuning for Non-Magnet Racing


The following rules of racing have been developed to ensure appropriate behaviour and fair racing at all RSCC Scalex track events.

  1. General Sporting Regulations

  2. Rules for Formula 1 Championship

  3. Rules for Endurance Championship

  4. Rules for Mini Championships

  5. Marshalling