WELCOME to the Rockingham Slot Car Club. We are a friendly, informal group of slot car racers who enjoy 'the crack' just as much as the competition.

All enthusiastic slot racers - male and female, young and old, beginner or expert - will find a warm welcome. You can race with us in 1/32 and 1/24 scale, with Scalextric-type plastic-chassis cars - including the latest Digital racers; BSCRA-rules speed machines; and scratch-built “retro” cars!

You’ll find more details about RSCC and what’s happening at the club on our About and News pages. To start racing with us, as a regular member or occasional visitor, just get in touch - details on the Contact page.

Enquiries aboiut this website to: david@rockinghamslotcarclub.co.uk. Site last updated: 02/05/2024