Our club is now in its 26th year of operation. The club has its origins in a commercial raceway in Kettering, which was constructed out of Scalextric track pieces. When the proprietor discovered the benefits of routed wood tracks he created a new version of the 4-lane Scalextric layout over a week’s full-time work. The new track reflected the original plastic track design, although the 105-foot layout was soon extended to 135 feet.

A group of enthusiasts collected around the raceway, and the Kettering Slot Racing Club was formed in early 1996. When the raceway folded, club members acquired the track, and moved it to a new home in the top floor of a Victorian industrial building in Wellingborough - the tight spiral staircase was a challenge for racers and their pit boxes, let alone the track - and the club name was changed to the Wellingborough Scalextric Club.

The club moved to its new, modern  location in Corby in 2012, with big improvements to the facilities, comfort and atmosphere, when it gained its third name, the Rockingham Slot Car Club.

Friday club night racing on the Scalex track at RSCC.

2008: The club acquired a six-lane Raceway track for 1/24 and 1/32 BSCRA-type racing which had originally been located at the commercial Tomacher Raceway in Bournemouth.

2012: The club was out of action during the Spring and early Summer as the club established the new clubroom in Corby.

1997: Early club racing in Kettering - the good-humored atmosphere of the club is still retained to this day.

2010: A 6-lane SlotStox track was installed - this shot of racing on on the track was taken on a rather frigid winter night in 2011 - the current clubroom is much warmer!

2004: The 120-foot track establshed and in action at Wellingborough.

2012: The refurbished tracks finally coming together in the new clubroom, following a major effort by club members to decorate the room, before installing and renovating all the tracks.